Our Work

Our Work

Here is just a small sample of the organisations we have worked with.   

Patient Registries in Action

European Cystic Fibrosis Society

A pan European Registry solution spanning 33 countries and 42,000 patients. The European Cystic Fibrosis Society Patient Registry collects demographic and clinical data from consenting people with cystic fibrosis (CF) in Europe, in accordance with agreed inclusion criteria and definitions. The information is used to measure, survey and compare aspects of CF and its treatment in participating countries, to deepen our understanding of CF, to improve standards of care, to provide data for epidemiological research and to facilitate public health planning.

Irish National Orthopedic Register

The Irish National Orthopaedic Register (INOR) is a secure web-based, real time (live) system used to collect demographic, clinical and implant component data on patients admitted to hospital for primary and revision hip and knee surgery in hospitals nationally. INOR breaks ground in a number of areas; it is a secure system which provides traceability of components, while protecting the privacy of non-consented patients. Additionaly, an Arthroplasty first, it records real-time barcode scanning in theatre.

Cystic Fibrosis Registry of Ireland

The Cystic Fibrosis Registry of Ireland (CFRI) is a customized extension to the European Cystic Fibrosis Society (ECFS) platform. The information is used to measure, survey and compare aspects of CF in Ireland. Including all of the ECFS functionality, the Irish registry had increased requirements including deeper encounter data collection needs and advanced reporting requirements. The information is used to support new health technology assessments, compile reports for the EMA and support health planning in Ireland and the EU.

CF View Patient Portal

A patient portal developed for Irish and Slovenian Patients. The portal allows patients to log in and engage with their medical care. Patients can view key clinical indicators, medications, genotypes, hospitalizations along with trend graphs and educational videos.

CATS Foundation

Tay Sachs and Sandoff disease are complex illnesses which affect a range of people. An individual diagnosed with either disease will suffer a relentless deterioration of mental and physical abilities. CATs Foundation is a registry over two countries, it’s main objective is to gather data and to encourage pharma involvement.

Alpha 1 Foundation

Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (Alpha-1 for short) is a genetic condition where the body does not produce enough Alpha1 antitrypsin protein. People born with Alpha-1 can develop lung, liver, or in rare cases skin problems.Collaborating with the Alpha-1 Foundation, OpenApp created a patient registry for the foundation.

Health Data Analytics in Action

Resource Analyser

The resource Analyser was developed through a partnership of Health Intelligence, Health & Wellbeing, HSE, Trutze Haase and OpenApp. It provides a transparent and evidence-based method of informing decisions about the fair share of available resources between areas. It does not determine the overall size of the resources required.

Health Atlas Ireland

Health Atlas Ireland (HAI) supports the quest for better health for patients, their families and the population by exploiting the quality assurance, health mapping and research potential of available data.


The National Quality Assurance Intelligence System (NQAIS) National Audit of Hospital Mortality (NAHM) tool allows hospital analyses of local Inpatient Enquiry (HIPE) data for purpose of identifying and trending mortality. NQAIS NAHM is a web-enabled interactive online tool. The system has been designed by the Health Intelligence Unit, Health & Wellbeing, HSE and OpenApp

Geo Spatial Analytics in Action


The Aero-Medical module assists the Health Service Executive (HSE) Aero-Medical Services, the Air Corps and the Irish Coast Guard to rendezvous air and ground assets so that patients are safely and rapidly transported to specialist facilities for time-critical care e.g. trauma, coronary, stroke or transplantation.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland

OpenApp have worked closely with ERTO; a lead operating agent of Transport Infrastructure Ireland since 2012, laying the foundations with the Incident Management System. The Incident Management System allows ERTO assist as motorway managers in Ireland, to manage, record and report all incidents across Ireland’s Primary Road network, or approximately 65 million journeys a year. This information is then fed to the public via the mobile app, TII Traffic and the public website TIITraffic.ie.
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Altas Finder

Health Atlas helps the general public to find essential health services on a map, General Practitioners, GPs, Family Doctors, Pharmacists, Dentists, Hospitals. It also provides contact phone numbers.
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